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  • Whitening Day Cream 50 ml

    Clear Sensation ® DAY CREAM for all skin types. Based on specially selected plant extracts, this cream will lighten, hydrate and nourish your skin in all safety. Enriched with argan oil. Use in combination with the Clear Sensation® milk or Clear Sensation® night cream for optimum results.

    16,53 €
  • Whitening Glycerin 150 ml

    Specially developed for dry and malnourished skin. Clear Sensation ® GLYCERIN lightens, hydrates, nourishes and softens your skin quickly and profoundly. Enriched with argan oil. Massage gently into your skin once or twice daily.

    16,53 €
  • Whitening Glycerin

    The right percentage of VEGECLAIRINE was added in pure Glycerin, so that : Glycerin moisturizes and softens the skin Without any darkening action (as an ordinary Glycerin does) The skin becomes lighter and pure. To be used in all seasons : In winter, to protect the skin against the attacks of cold and wind, In summer, to moisturize and soften the dry...

    6,61 €
  • Clarifying Carrot Milk

    This high quality Milk contains two plant ingredients for a natural lightening, and carrot oil with vitamins to brighten your complexion. Rich in Shea Butter and Argan oil, it is an excellent skincare that will hydrate and nourish your skin. To be used once or twice daily on the face and body .

    9,92 €
  • Whitening and Moisturizing Milk

    For those who appreciate a less oily and  more silky touch, COSMEBEL developed a light milk that retains all the bene-fits of Glycerin. Associated with VEGECLAIRINE this milk will be  ideal to treat delica-tely and effectively  the disco-loration of the skin.Being “non-oily”, the NUTRICLAIR Milk can be used all day and night long, without the risk of...

    9,09 €
  • Whitening and Moisturizing Soap

    This Glycerin soap with the VEGECLAIRINE is  ideal for hygiene in the morning and evening. It will replace the traditional soap, while strengthening the efficacy of the  other NUTRICLAIR products.Its scrubbing action will remove dead cells and make the skin clearer with a satin feeling. This soap also contains a powerful antiseptic for the treatment of...

    4,13 €
  • Whitening Concentrated Serum

    Serum, with the highest concentration of VEGECLAIRINE,allows : • to treat the most recalcitrant dark spots, • to treat very localized spots.To be used with a cotton stick or the finger, and let it be absorbed. To be completed with the milk or the cream on the dark spot’s surface.

    5,79 €
  • Uni Tone Clarifying Glycerin 250 ml

    Glycerin, combined to whitening agents, acts against pigmentary imperfections and hydrates the skin. Therefore, after this treatment, your skin is beautiful and shiny. It particularly helps very dry skins.

    23,14 €
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